Why do I exist?

What is the real meaning of my life?
How can I be happy?

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FOR ME Workshop

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The Speaker training programme

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„Since the workshop… I perceive myself as a woman quite differently – and I’ve come to accept myself differently. It is a joyful, wondrous and grateful experience“
Natalie, Pharmacist
“It is a gift that allows us to find a much deeper joy and meaning in our relationships than one gets from Netflix and Chill stuff”
Michael, Student
“The FOR ME workshop showed me that we should look for pure love in our own hearts so that we can recognise true beauty in women.”
Daniel, Student

My longing and my sexuality

What role do they play in my life?

Does God have anything to do with this? Set out to find God’s plan for your life. Realize what true love is and how you can live it daily: Love that fulfils you completely and gives meaning to your life.

In an exciting and diversified workshop with a small group of peers, you will develop your own personal plan for a happy life.


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Keep me informed