The search for meaning and direction


A Christian Antrhopology

We are people who have encountered the teaching of St. John Paul II in different ways. This great saint, who died at the beginning of the 21st century, found a new language, based on sexuality through a theology of the body, to help understand God’s plan for a truly happy life. What we have learned through this has strengthened us in our own vocation. It has become a deep inspiration for the shaping of our lives, and we have recognised its potential for achieving the new evangelisation. We want to use this potential and reach many people with it. To this end, we have developed the format of FOR ME workshops to bring the liberating message of love to the world in this new and understandable language.


Let’s build a Christian Europe together!

The supporting association

The sponsor of the FOR ME Initiative is the TOBIAS Foundation gem. e. V. The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes as defined in “Tax-privileged purposes” of the German Tax Code. The name of the association “TOBIAS” is inspired by the Book of Tobit in the Old Testament. There, the young Tobias initially has a rather superficial faith. However, he is introduced deeply into a genuine relationship with God at the hand of the archangel Raphael, so that faith could penetrate from his head into his heart. Only through this did Tobias attain a complete trust in God. A trust that finally enabled the fullness of a happy life for him in his marriage to Sarah.