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Note: Your curiosity will be aroused for a whole FOR ME workshop (usually held over a weekend), in which there is much more to discover than answers to questions about our sexuality!

We are called to freedom

St. John Paul II never tired of proclaiming that we are called to freedom. For only in freedom can we choose love. But what is freedom and what is love?


FOR ME introductory talk

An honest conversation about sex

You want to learn about the novel language of FOR ME workshops and get to know the content better? We offer an interesting 90-minute talk.

Freedom – a word that everyone loves. The world tells us that freedom is the ability to do whatever we want, whenever we want, with whomever we want. But has this way of living led to better relationships, stronger families, or happier coexistence in society?


In 90 minutes

A true definition of freedom

In a 90-minute talk, a true definition of “freedom” is offered and it is explained that freedom does not emancipate us from the teachings of Christ and His Church, but rather gives us the ability to know what is good, to strive for it and to choose it for ourselves in personal freedom. It is the freedom to live the truth that truly liberates us, as Christ expresses it.

What is presented to us as love often turns out to be the counterfeit of love, namely desire. However, living out desires in misunderstood freedom leads to untold pain and broken relationships, while love leads to the happiness for which everyone longs.


Freedom, love and sexuality

Our final destiny

Freedom, love and sexuality are inseparably linked. Thus, the intimate union of man and woman, inherent in creation from all beginning, points to man’s final destiny in eternity.

FOR ME introductory talk: An honest conversation about “sex & more” is a compelling and refreshingly different itinerary for finding true love and living personal freedom in a fulfilling way. So convincing that it may change everything, including your own worldview!

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We can come and give a 90-minute introductory talk!